Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery


In 2009, Summerland Sweets decided to expand and opened Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery, a unique winery that exclusively uses BC-grown tree fruit and berries to make a variety of delicious wines celebrating the diverse offerings of the province.

Their selection has expanded to now include nineteen table wines, twelve dessert wines, and four sparkling wines, with varieties ranging from their award-winning Blackberry and Strawberry Rhubarb Wines to the more unique Pumpkin Wine and Apple Pie Dessert Wine.


Our tasting room in Summerland, BC

Directly attached to the Summerland Sweets gift store in Summerland, the Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery tasting room has become a bustling summertime destination for wine tasters and jam lovers alike.

Tastings are available on a walk-in basis, or can be booked in advance through our online booking portal, or you can enjoy a flight of wines in our fully-licensed grass picnic area.


Our Winemaker

Winemaker Ron Taylor

Our winemaker, Ron Taylor, has a degree in microbiology from the University of British Columbia. His journey has taken him from quality control at Andres Wines in Port Moody, where he quickly advanced to the position of Assistant Wine Maker before becoming the Chief Winemaker. Ron spent 22 years at Andres Wines as an integral part of a team that produced over 5 million litres of wine annually.

After leaving Andres in 1992, Ron has focused on working with small wineries in British Columbia and Washington State with several trips to Mainland China to consult on cider and other winemaking projects. Ron has been involved with the start up of wineries that are reviving the art of making fruit wines produced from superior quality fruit and berries grown in the winery vineyards.

Ron has infused his high standards into Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery and has brought a commitment to perfecting his trade. His efforts have won awards and acknowledgement from his peers, as well as praise from visitors to Sleeping Giant with crafted wines that draw attention to detail, resulting in a wide range of varietals that are distinctive and exemplary.


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