Vote for Us! Best Ice Cream in Penticton 2023

Vote for Us! Best of Penticton 2023


We're very pleased to say we've made it to the voting round for Best of Penticton 2023 in the category of ice cream! 

Thank you to everybody who took the time to nominate us in the first round. We need your help again! 

If Summerland Sweets is your favorite place to grab an ice cream in the summer, we would appreciate you taking the time to give us a quick vote (you can vote for your local favorites in other categories at the same time!).

And if you haven't been in yet for your first ice cream of the year, we hope to see you very soon! The weather is nice and we've got thirty-two flavors to choose from, which you can enjoy outside on our grass picnic area alongside blossoming cherry trees. See you soon!