Summerland Sweets

Our Products ~ Syrups and Jams

As often happens, one good thing just leads to another! Local fruit ripe for the harvest made delicious jelly candy and naturally led to the creation of fourteen fruit syrups and nineteen gourmet jams to satisfy your cravings.

Our syrups and jams are addictive! Our jams are made the old fashioned way, and we also have a complete sugar-free line as well.

  • Fruit Syrups

    Fourteen classics to elevate your mornings from simple to superb! Made from tree and vine ripened fruit, these syrups make a delicious topping for your pancakes and waffles. But don’t stop there! Try them drizzled over crepes, ice cream or cheesecake or add them to your vinaigrettes!

    Apricot Black & Raspberry
    Cherry Black Currant
    Strawberry Raspberry
    Loganberry Boysenberry
    Blueberry Peach
    Maple Apple Pear
    Blackberry Saskatoon
    Cranberry Apple Pie
  • “Spirited” Syrups

    We enhanced three of our most popular syrups with brandy. The results are delicious as the fruit flavours find a beautiful compliment in the brandy.

    • Apricot and Brandy
    • Peach and Brandy
    • Blueberry and Brandy
  • Gourmet Jams

    Made with the purist in mind! The distinctive flavours in our jams are created by adding 20% more fruit than is required in a pure fruit jam… and just like homemade, we never add any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

    Apple Jelly Blackberry
    Apricot Apricot Marmalade
    Blueberry Loganberry
    Pear Butter Peach Butter
    Strawberry Peach Marmalade
    Boysenberry Black Currant/Plum
    Raspberry Pear Ginger Marmalade
    Cherry Apple Butter
    Peach Loganberry/Cherry
    Pear Blueberry Marmalade
    Coffee Jelly Cranberry Marmalade
    Strawberry Rhubarb Tea Jelly
    Pumpkin Butter
  • Liqueur Jams

    Five delicious fruits enhanced by the addition of fine liqueurs and spirits! The perfect choice for entertaining and to give your breakfast a flavour boost!

    • Apricot and Brandy
    • Strawberry and Orange Liqueur
    • Peach and Amaretto
    • Blueberry and Gin
    • Pear and Rum
  • All Fruit Spreads

    Our “All Fruit” spreads have a very unique flavour and are especially suited to those who watch their sugar intake.

    • Apricot
    • Peach
    • Strawberry
    • Raspberry