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Our Products ~ Fruit Snacks

Fruit Jelly Candies

Since 1962, our original product has been made from our own fruit purees and has no added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Each piece is cut by hand, covered with a light dusting of berry sugar and hand packed into pine boxes. Each handmade box contains an assortment of flavours which includes apple, cherry and apricot jellied candies.

Our first products were fruit jelly candies and today they are still hand crafted and made from the original recipe.

  • prod-fruitjellycandies-90pieces

    781 gram package – 90 pieces

  • prod-fruitjellycandies-36pieces-312g

    312 gram package – 36 pieces

  • fruit-jelly-24-pieces

    200 gram package – 24 pieces

  • fruit-jelly-18-pieces-156-g

    156 gram package – 18 pieces

  • fruit-jelly-12-pc-100g

    100 gram package – 12 pieces

Fruit Leather Snacks

Our fruit leather is a natural product that is made strictly from a mixture of fruit purees, with no added sugar. A healthy snack for children and adults alike! Flavours include Apple Apricot, Apple Strawberry, Apple Peach and Apple Raspberry.

  • Product - Fruit Leather Snacks - Individual

    Individual snack size packages. 14gs

  • Product - Fruit Leather Snacks - Leathe Rolls

    Fruit leather rolls – big enough to share! 45g

Nut Brittle

  • Product - Nut Brittle

    Using our own recipe we cook small batches of brittle in a gas-flame kettle reserved for this purpose. When the brittle is cooking the aroma reaches the furthest corner of the factory. Who can resist such mouth-watering temptation?

    In addition to peanut brittle, we also offer almond, cashew and pecan.