Summerland Sweets

Our Products ~ Gift Packages

Summerland Sweets gourmet products are perfect gifts for all occasions. For holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or thank-you gifts, with 26 different styles to choose from it is easy to please every palate!

The contents of our gift packages vary between 125 ml syrups and jams, and 341 ml syrups and 250 ml jams and in some cases include a 135 g fruit candy.

Flavours are assorted in packages unless otherwise specified.

You will love our products. We have visitors who come back to the Okanagan each year to visit us and stock up for winter.

  • gift-box-1-syrup-2-jam

    A delightful gift package containing one small syrup and two small jams. Makes a wonderful hostess gift.

  • Summerland Sweets Gift Package

    Natural fruit jellies in an attractive pine crate come in a package with three small syrups.

  • gift-box-4-syrup-6-jam

    Six small jams and four small syrups. The perfect size for sampling our intensely flavourful offerings.

  • gift-box-1-syrup-2-lrg-jam

    Brunch anyone? One large syrup and two large jams make weekend entertaining a breeze

  • gift-box-4-syrups

    Four large fruit syrups in a handmade pine gift crate. A wonderful gift for a family. Also available in crates of two or six.

  • gift-box-12-jam

    Twelve classic small jams in a pine gift crate. This is the ideal gift for any jam lover!

  • gift-box-1-syrups-4-jam

    This is an excellent combination of four large jams and one large syrup. Also available as two large jams and two large syrups.

  • Summerland Sweets Gift Package

    A little bit of everything makes this package, with three small jams, one small candy and three small syrups, the perfect gift.

  • gift-box-2-syrups-1-fruit-jelly

    A small box of natural fruit jellies packaged with two small fruit syrups. A great gift idea.

  • gift-pack-6-jams-crate

    Six large jams in a pine crate. Fun packaging and delicious jam! Also available in a crate of four.

  • gift-box-6-jam

    Six large jams in a pine gift box. Perfect size jars for a family and lots of variety too!